Clinique Vétérinaire du Beaujolais' branding

Clinique vétérinaire du beaujolais

Branding & print

Beaujolais Veterinary clinic specialises in horses, cats and dogs. MADMINT imagined and designed an elegant graphic charter inspired by its activities.

Clinique Vétérinaire du Beaujolais' prints: letterhead, envelope and business card


MADMINT revamped the letter “o” in Beaujolais to create the illusion of a horseshoe and identify the primary positioning of the clinic: equine veterinarian.
Other activities of the clinic were represented using the same design with a different illustrative work.

Clinique Vétérinaire du Beaujolais' pictograms

Fully responsive Website

MADMINT enforced the identity of the brand throughout the WordPress Website. We created a simple and intuitive interface with an online payment option. The Website conveys the core values of the client: quality of service. It is perfectly accessible to tablets and smartphones due to html integration and CSS responsive.

Clinique Vétérinaire du Beaujolais' website on different devises : desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile